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wsadmin script

Need to script the following cmd’s to script. So we can use it anytime.

in wsadmin

Intialize the values
objectName3 = AdminControl.queryNames("*:name=App1_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=App1,J2EEServer=CM1*")
objectName4 = AdminControl.queryNames("*:name=App1_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=App1,J2EEServer=CM2*")

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Verify the Status of MBeans

AdminControl.invoke(objectName3, 'getStatus')
AdminControl.invoke(objectName4, 'getStatus')

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From the above two statment, which ever gives us the result as 1  need to pause and resume.

AdminControl.invoke(objectName3, 'pause')
AdminControl.invoke(objectName3, 'resume')

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Once the polling is resumed,

delay 15 minutes

stopInterface App1 on Cluster A

startInterface App1 on Cluster A
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What do you mean by?

stopInterface App1 on Cluster A
startInterface App1 on Cluster A

something like this perhaps?

import sys
from time import sleep

def process() :
    common = 'name=App1_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=App1,J2EEServer=%s*'
    try :
        for name in [ 'CM1', 'CM2' ] :
            objectName = AdminControl.queryNames( common % name )
            if objectName :
                status = AdminControl.invoke( objectName, 'getStatus' )
                if status == '1' :
                    AdminControl.invoke( objectName, 'pause' )
                    AdminControl.invoke( objectName, 'resume' )
                    print 'waiting...'
                    sleep( 15 * 60 * 60 )
                    print 'stopInterface App1 on Cluster A'
                    print 'startInterface App1 on Cluster A'
            else :
                print '\nError: object not found:', name
    except :
        Type, value = sys.exc_info()[ :2 ]
        print 'Unexpected exception:'
        print str( Type )
        print str( value )

if name in [ '__main__', 'main' ] :
else :
    print '\nError: Script should be executed, not imported.'
    print '\nUsage: ./ -lang jython -f' % __name__

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Testing this script now. Will get back to you soon..
it's not complete.

You haven't explained what you mean by:

stopInterface App1 on Cluster A
startInterface App1 on Cluster A
I was looking for application restart on Cluster-A. Sorry about that. Application and server name can be hard coded. It doesn't need to be grabbed Dynamic or scripted.
I would base that code on the following examples in the scriptLibraries folder:

Ex51: startApplicationOnCluster
Ex52: stopApplicationOnCluster

They are in the file in scriptLibraries/application/V70 folder
I updated your script as below:

To see are we sending the correct value to “objectName”. But it doesn’t look like  it is getting the objectName intialized

Change 1:
objectName = AdminControl.queryNames( common % name )
            print 'objecName1 : ', objectName

if __name__ in [ '__main__', 'main' ] :

wasadmin@dev10-ak-fis bin] $ ./ -lang jython -f /tmp/
WASX7209I: Connected to process "dmgr" on node dev10-DEV-CellManager using SOAP connector;  The type of process is: DeploymentManager
objecName1 :

Error: object not found: CM1
objecName1 :

Error: object not found: CM2
wasadmin@dev10-ak-fis bin] $

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I think the problem is that there is a comma missing before the "*" in this assignment:

common = 'name=App1_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=App1,J2EEServer=%s*'

Change it to:

common = 'name=App1_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=App1,J2EEServer=%s,*'

and see if it is able to locate CM1 & CM2.
Still getting the same
What do you get when you execute this?

./ -lang jython -c "print AdminControl.queryNames( 'name=App1_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=App1,J2EEServer=%s*' % 'CM1' )"
Sorry, I missed the update. will check that now
My previous string might not correct.

Below is the Exact string what I am looking for:

wsadmin>objectName1 = AdminControl.queryNames("*:name=OC_SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMedApp#SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMedcom/bfusa/wps/otc/inbound/WilsonWMSShipCompleteExport#SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMed_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=OC_SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMedApp,J2EEServer=rmrs.AppTarget.WPS1Node.0,J2CResourceAdapter=WebSphere FTP Adapter,*")
wsadmin>objectName2 = AdminControl.queryNames("*:name=OC_SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMedApp#SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMedcom/bfusa/wps/otc/inbound/WilsonWMSShipCompleteExport#SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMed_J2CMessageEndpoint,J2EEApplication=OC_SubsysGw_In_AjwmsMedApp,J2EEServer=rmrs.AppTarget.WPS2Node.0,J2CResourceAdapter=WebSphere FTP Adapter,*")
wsadmin>AdminControl.invoke(objectName1, 'getStatus')
wsadmin>AdminControl.invoke(objectName2, 'getStatus')

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Since the status of objectName1  is 1, i want that to pause and resume
wsadmin>AdminControl.invoke(objectName1, 'pause')
wsadmin>AdminControl.invoke(objectName1, 'resume')

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Hi HonorGod,
Can you take a look at the above question.  above one it the correct script i pass to wsadmin in step by step process.

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