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Server 2008 R2 with HYPER-V taking long long time to shut down

I have a 2008 R2 server running HYPER-V standalone using local disk.

I had a NIC that had the IPV4 checkbox checked but in Virtual Network Manager did NOT have the share with Management checked as is normal when you see the IPv4 enabled..

This is a DELL R710.

When I unchecked the IPv4 box oddly all the Virtual systems went down.  I can only assume their was some corruption with this NIC previously.

Nonetheless when I attempted to make any changes to any NICs I received the message that I cannot make changes as all property sheets must be closed.  All were closed plus I LOGGED out and back in to verify.

Still received same message when attempting to setup an new NIC for the same services.

So I went for a restart and now I have a message for over 60 minutes that simply says Shutting down "HYPER-V Virtual Manager Services".

After 60 minutes THE MESSAGE just changed to SHUTTING DOWN.  If it continues being HUNG is there a recommended COLD SHUTDOWN procedure?  I prefer to wait but there is a limit.  I do not have image backups either yet.

Thanks for any ideas
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The cold shutdown procedure is to press the power button for several seconds but I would do that as a last resort only. However, if the virtual machines are already stopped it shouldn’t be end of the world to unplug the server.

After logging to the server following the cold restart make another clear restart too. Then you SHOULD take a System State backup at least.
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Issue resolved before any answers xcame in