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Highlighted row and column

I am using VB6.  When I select a row in my datagrid, the whole row highlights.  Is it possible to select a cell in a row and have the whole column highlight in addition to the current highlighted row.  In essence, it would be two highlighted lines intersecting.
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Can you attach a zip of your project?
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The whole project is huge and has lots of forms.  Did you just want the code from the form I am working on?
It would beach easier for me if I had the whole project. If you want I you could upload the project zip file to MediaFire or someplace similar and post the URL.
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I prefer not to load the file, since it is so large and has a lot of information that I need to hide before loading it.

It works if I takeout the bookmark.  Does that make sense below?

  With DataGrid1
      ' This Higlight your current DataGrid column
      .SelStartCol = .Col
      .SelEndCol = .Col

      ' This Higlight your current DataGrid row
     ' .SelBookmarks.Add .Bookmark
      ' Or use:
      '.MarqueeStyle = dbgHighlightRow  'but the Row is not higlighted in edit mode
  End With
Try to change:
     .SelBookmarks.Add .Bookmark
    .SelBookmarks.Add .RowBookmark(.Row)
I get an error.  Invalid row number.   However, if I leave the line out, then it seems to work fine.   Is there a reason I need to have a bookmark?
No you can comment it out.