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Juniper SSG 350 Screen OS 6.3

Dear Experts.
im having a situation here that i cant figure out on my own.

my Internet provider Delivered a cable modem from Cisco that i cracked to allow Transparent mode.  when that happened i discovered something interresting. the internal switch of the gateway has 4 ports and all four ports are operational and they aquired four public IP's from the providers but they are all dynamic ip adresses.

that was some introduction,

what im tryed to do was to make use of all of these public adresses that could be aquired. so i connected two ports from the gateway to two ports on my SSG gateway. but what happened is the Screen os kept saying that there is an ip confilct becasue both interfaces are set to DHCP the subnet is Always 24.

so my question is how can i actually isolate the ports from each other to make two totally separate networks where no conflict can happen.

the standard procedure of making a new Untrust zone and bind to a diffrent virtual router didnt really solve the issue. it still conflicted.
any help will be greatly appriciated.
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