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webpage opens under IE9 but not FF

I have created a webpage on my computer that runs Windows 7, IE9 and the latest version of Firefox. The webpage opens (and plays the YouTube videos) fine under IE9. However, when I try to open the page and play the videos using Firefox, it chokes: some videos have a delay or don't play properly at all.

Is there something in the HTML code that gives FF a problem?

I am attaching a zip file of the page, but I have renamed the zip file as a .txt file, so you will have to rename it to .zip before expanding it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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karnac2020--Maybe you need the (Shockwave) Flash plug-in for Firefox.
Click Tools\Add-ons. Also click  "Check to see if your plug-ins are up to date" at the top of that page.
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