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Delay when pressing numbers on Aastra 9143i telephone.

We have 8 Aastra 9143i telephones running on a FreePBX 2.9 and we are having a problem with a short delay every time a button is pressed. For example, if dialing a number, the user will pick up the receiver, hear the dial tone, and start dialing. Often times, once the 2nd or 3rd number is hit, nothing displays on screen for about 1 or 2 seconds and then all of a sudden, any buttons that were pressed in that time all immediately follow in a burst.

This is only an annoyance when dialing as you can backspace the mistakes and try again, but when trying to transfer a call, it ends up dropping clients and causing all sorts of problems. For example, one of our users will hit transfer, and then the extension very quickly and immediately hang up the phone without waiting. Since there is such a long delay in the button presses, this causes her to hang up on about 50% of the calls coming in. Has anyone seen this problem before? We've disabled the internal firewall on the phone system to see if that alleviated the issue, but it has not.

What can I do to fix this?
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Did you fix yet? I don't know this system.

I would suggest (guessing) that your issue is with the Free PBX software and not the phones.
Look for delay timers in your administration programming or dialing plan programming perhaps.
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Not yet, no. It's not the dial plan delay as in the delay after a number is entered before the phone actually dials. This delay is random when in the process of dialing a number or pressing a key on the phone.
Maybe try another switch and or a phone right at the server.

Try a Polycom phone too perhaps.

Outta Ammo.... but curious on this one.
I've replaced the network switch with gigabit with no luck. Polycom doesn't seem to have the issue, so it may be something isolated between Aastra and Asterisk.
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I'll run through and make sure everything is the latest firmware. Thanks
Every phone is using the latest firmware and the issue is still happening. Anything else I can try?

Thank you
Aastra recently released a firmware revision that fixed this issue specifically