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Windows 7 Pro won't boot

Win 7 Pro

Won't boot , goes to Startup repair, but that won't work, won't go to Safe Mode either.  Tried System restore for all possible restore points, I get

an unspecified error occurred during system restore (0x800700b7)

I get a brief BSOD screen flash for about a half a second.  No new hardware has been added.  It was working and the next morning was at the system repair screen.
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Do you have a Windows 7 DVD?  If so, boot from the Windows 7 DVD and see if you can do the repair from there. Now this, too, will attempt to go back to a Restore Point. If it cannot find any it may (a) try to proceed or (b) quit.

It is patch Tuesday today. Was it last night it failed?  The updates are fine (I have just done them all) but it may have rebooted and something else was wrong.

You are at that point that if a DVD Repair Install will not work, you may need to boot from another CD (Ultimate Boot CD), copy off your data and email and then re-install Windows.

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could be a lot of things.. the first thing I would think of is failing hard drive, can you boot into safe mode?
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Tried DVD, same result.  I don't think the drive is bad, I can get to all the data from shell.  I think I am SOL,  thank you bill gates and ballmer once again for your POS pile of code you call an OS.   Looks like another reload.  Just bought a Mac book pro and will convert this to Ubuntu.  Thanks all for the help.  After 25 yrs goodbye M$.
I think the first answer here contained the same information as the one you selected!

... Thinkpads_User
don't you just love people that blame software for a hardware problem.
thinkpads_user, thanks, I know, you are right.  Is there a way to split or give you credit too?  If so I would do so.  You guys both confirmed what I pretty much knew would be the answer.  The ultimate answer to many MS issues, reload the OS.

to ve3ofa,

Don't ya just love "expert geniuses" who are too stupid to actually read the question in the first place.  My first sentence said "WON'T GO TO SAFE MODE".

The hardware is fine as I knew it would be, passed all seatools and Windows loaded with no problem.  It's the usual corrupt driver/dll/registry etc etc out of nowhere problem.
thinkspad is right you should credit the first correct response as per EE policy or split points among CLOSELY responding correct answers.
Thanks, I know, the problem is I don't know how to do that, especially after I have already picked.  If anyone can tell me how to fix it I certainly will.
I am happy to leave things as is since you have followed up with thanks. But if you really wish to, click on Request Atttention in your first post and ask a Moderator to assist.
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