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pfsense 2.0+ configure WAN failover and multiple static IP's

I have been searching and searching for hours.  I need to find a tutorial that I can use to accomplish the following and hopefully it will clearly define each point:

Configure pfsense 2.0+ with 3 ethernet ports, 1 for LAN, 2 for WAN
I have two ISP's each with 5 static IP addresses.
I would like 1 WAN port to be setup as my primary ISP and the other WAN port to be setup as my secondary (failover) ISP.
I want to assign 5 static IP's to each WAN/ISP interface, so WAN1 will have a static IP plus 4 virtuals and WAN2 will have a static IP plus 4 virtuals.  I'm pretty sure I got that part correct.

Any help?
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Aaron Tomosky
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Is that tutorial for pfsense versions 2.0 and up?

Yes each WAN in my case will have 5 static IP addresses.  I'm assuming each WAN interface will have 1 main static IP each and then 4 virtual static wan ip's each.

Is that correct?
It says configuration for version 2.0

I'm not familiar with calling something a virtual static wan ip. A wan frequently has an ip block assigned to it. So traffic to any ip I'm the block goes to your wan port.