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Created or Modified By not displayed for a user.

I have an unusual problem. Full name of a user is not displayed in a list and this includes the system fields Created By and Modified By.

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It seems to be limited to a single user and a single site collection. Everything works fine in a different site collection for that user. When the user enters the name in the Person field the lookup works properly displaying the full name but once it is saved nothing is displayed.

Any ideas what is the problem here and how to fix it?

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Rainer Jeschor
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it seems that the user profile information on this dedicated site collection is "bugy".
Please follow the steps mentioned here:

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I think we are on the right path. That user is missing from the All People group but I don't know how can I add to that group. There is only an option to remove users (I have full admin rights). Any idea how to do it?
just add the user to any other group. Then he should be visible.

If not, then somehow the display name got screwed up. Perhaps there is an entry but not directly visible.

The user has contribute access to one of the lists already. I added to another one and it didn't display the user in that group but I can see it added the permission when going to the Check Permissions option.

Any other idea how to fix it before I rip it apart?
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