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Dynamic IP - SBS2008 DNS entry in WHM


I need to add the following entries to a WHM panel for SBS2008 set up.
I am using a dynamic IP manages by no-ip

For the purpose of the question, my no-ip will be named

It states that:

WWW      A      Static IP address of your web site or Office Live
Remote      A      IP address of your router that connects to your SBS 2008 system
MX      Alias (CNAME)      Provides email routing so that mail sent to will arrive on your SBS 2008 system

Shall my DNS in WHM set that way:

WWW      A      Static IP address of your web site or Office Live
Remote      CNAME      
MX      Alias (CNAME)



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Sorry, don't quite understand the question.

Are you asking what DNS entries should be setup for an SBS2008 server to allow it to recieve email and be remote accessable?

If you are then it is in two parts.

1 - a cname for which has as it's data
2 - mx with as it's data.

The www record is for the company website which I would recomend is not on your SBS server.

Couple of tips for SBS2008

1 - Get an SSL cert for the system (I use as it's free when I can)
2 - Make sure you only open port 25 and 443 on your firewall unless you need other services.
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No, this is not what I am asking.

I dont have a static IP & need to set exhange & remote acess for SBS2008

I an using a DDNS to resolve the IP & wanted to know how I could enter the DNS entries in WHM for it to work

What is WHM?


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DOn't manage your external DNS on the SBS server.  

Sounds like you worked it out.

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find the solution myself