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HD video and audio playback in XP is horrible

I need to smoothly play an MPEG-TS hd video file on my XP SP3 computer. It's running on a celeron cpu 2.93 GHZ 2GB RAM and a 1TB HD with about 200GB left, Video Card is an ATI radeon xpress 200 series (Display properties are attached.) I am using Media Player Classic version: (the video properties are attached).
When I play any video (of the same file type) using various media players, tried VLC, winamp, windows media player and MPC-HC the video plays the same way: for example in this 8 minute video, the playback streams fine about 40% of the time, the other 60% plays sort of l in slow motion, sometime stops for seconds at a time, then continues like that throughout the video. The audio is almost the same except doesn't play in slow motion but skips, like a broken record. I've update my video card drivers (i believe I have the latest) - though the problem may be the video card itself.  
found this in an FAQ for MPC:
Q: Playback is not smooth (it stutters) even though the CPU usage is low
A: in some rare cases Overlay Mixer in combination with YV12 colorspace output causes the video to stutter. Probably due to a bug in the graphics drivers.

Possible solutions:

Update your graphics driver
Change the video renderer that is used by Media Player Classic:
Options -> Playback -> Output -> DirectShow Video
Force RGB32 output in ffdshow:
ffdshow video decoder -> Output -> select RGB32 as primary output color space.

I don't have that option. (see attached) Any suggestions?
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There are many factors involved with video playback performance. How much physical RAM do you have installed on your system?  Of that, how much available memory do you have?  There are applications, system files that take up memory.  Do you have other applications open when you try to playback the content?  If so, close them, see what other applications are loaded into memory and close those as well if possible. (i.e. McAfee may be doing live scans on your hard drive during playback).  Also is your hard drive fragmented?  If so, run defrag and that will help in playback performance as well.  How old is your video card?  Seems to be a bit dated as there is only 256MB video ram on the card which is not much for mpeg video playback...  Would recommend getting a new video card they have cards that have 1GB - 2GB of memory installed on them which greatly helps on video playback of content, especially if you're attempted to playback HD content.  Is the content encoded as MPEG-2 or MPEG-4?  Depending on which one it will also affect playback as well...  Regards,  Fred

Have you checked and made sure your HDD is defragged?

A little bit of standard system cleaning up may help.

Is it only one video with the problem or do you get it on diffrent videos?


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a celeron cpu is not the fastest cpu, so you can start by disabling other startup software
use msconfig - from the run bow
in startup tab, click disable all
reboot to test

you can also use task manager>select performance tab, and check if your cpu is used for 100%

some info :
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my RAM info is attached
no other applications running while video is playing
No processes taking up cpu usage except "system idle process"-at around 95 average
Sophos AV installed, not running or doing live scans during video playback.
Hard Drive has only 12% avalaible space-Before defragmenting recomends that 15% usage be available. I also ran a defrag not too long ago, maybe a month ago.
Videos are mpeg4 encoded. The problem persists with all videos of all sizes (but of the same file type-mpeg4 HD video)
When the video is playing smoothly, task manager cpu usage shows 100%. When it plays slow motion its at around 80%. When the video freezes cpu usage goes down to 4%.
Tried disabling all services from system starup, problem persists.

Do I have any hope for playing these videos smoothly without buying anything?
i would make sure the disk has the 15% free space, otherwise it will start disk swapping with ram.
test by moving the data to DVD, or another disk - external?  to test
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I got my C drive up to 19% free space, and I defragmented it. my results are attached
Same problem occurs (with every video)
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installed it. How do I get MPC to use it? I'm not seeing in options unless I'm already using the decoder (DirectShow for example see attached) Do I need to open up the decoder configurations?
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