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CPU unusual spike


I'm looking at site vm which is acting as file / printer server. the CPU activities so rampant, not sure what is causing it.

any idea how to pin point the culprit?

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Couple of things... 1. Did you check your processes to see if you can see if one particular process is showing a lot of cpu usage?  2. The fact that you mentioned it's a print server it usually will spike when spooling user print jobs, have you tried turning off the print spooler service to see if you continue to see the spikes that you're showing?


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I see your point Fred, but it is constantly...i'm sure no print server continue to spool and constantly printing, there should be a break in between right.

BTW I stopped the print spooler service and made no difference at all.

Only one processor assigned to this vm.
Normally yes, there would be a break unless there was a print job that wasn't clearing through and holding up other print jobs but considering you shut off the spooler service, what did you see as far as processes, usually when you see spikes like that it usually shows a process or set of processes that are taking up the percentage of cpu usage.
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you can download and install a free program called "What's My Computer Doing " This program shows all programs (with details!), that are accessing your hard disk or using the CPU. Furthermore you have the option to close these programs or even uninstall them.

Download it here:
Does the performance in vCenter Server show the same?

HOW TO:  Performance Monitor vSphere 4.x or 5.0

Check the processes using

Sysinternals Process Monitor

Does the VM hare more than one CPU?
Hello All,

the vm has only one vcpu...i don't have access to the vcenter at the moment.

not sure what is this

but every time i try to download the app, my web browser crashes...

Sysinternals Process Monitor doesn't show me the CPU services?
You can download "whats my computer doing" directly from the manufacturer of the software scroll down the list for available products to see it.
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thanks heaps