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VM ware workstation

I am researching to install  VM ware workstation on my new pc when it arrives and am trying to educate myself with whatever systematic organized video training that is available out there.  I have seen some youtube videos but am wondering if our Gurus and Experts who may have installed this technology would definitely be able to give me some advice on how to go about this training in an organized way.   As this will be for a home environment, so free would be good.  Thank u.
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I have learned to use VMware workstation on my own. Its pretty simple for individual user and network.
My suggestion install it ...then play with it

For basic here is free training for older version but similar in new versions as well
The point of VMware is to run Virtual Machines. Virtual Machines need licenses (for Windows guests) so you need to organize licenses and media.

A simple YouTube will tell you how to install a machine (really easy).

The most basic "gotcha" is that VMware Workstation sets up machines by default using NAT networking. NAT networking uses DHCP services provided by VMware and typically gives your guest machine a different subnet. It is good for laptops that are not always connected to the outside world, but it is a bit trickier to network to the host machine.

For a desktop computer that sits on a router and gets DHCP from the router, then using Bridged Mode for networking is usually better. This puts machines on the same subnet as your local LAN and is a bit easier for sharing

The easiest way to get started is to obtain and install VMware itself. This is easy and it is safe. Then get an XP license (one you might have or from eBay).  Once you have that, go to New Machine, start setting it up and be ready to hand it the CD when it needs it.  Work carefully as you go.

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A point to note is that VMware Workstation needs a license to work. You may try to evaluate it, although if you are looking for long term usage, you need to consider buying a license.

Second is to understand and plan for your requirements correctly. What is the hardware config of the PC? CPU, Memory, Disk, etc?
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In response to Arunraju. I have been on EE posting on another Q the pc requirements for the new pc,  and also on another subject why I would want to implement virtual workstation.  So these 2 items have been taken care off, now to the actual implementation.  
First is my education and thank u for informing me of the license, which I think I can go along.  BTW do u know off hand how much the various licenses cost.  
Also I see that there are different types of VM ware, like sphere, etc.  Hope if u can provide me the links so that I can educate myself.  Thank u.
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In response to Thinkpads_User, thank u for your excellent advice.  I am going for a standalone workstation on just one pc.  And if things work out, then I would add my laptop, and maybe another pc for my wife to use - as she is a completely new to the world of IT and Pc, therefore I do not want to let her loose on my workstation.   Thank u everyone also for all your inputs, and now to the learning board to get myself educated and familiarized.
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Fantastic advice and guides.  Thank u.
excellent advice for a newbie venturing out. thank u.