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video effect

hello there,
I have a 5 second video of a person doing a backflip, I would like to know if there are plugins or an easy way to convert this video into a clipart or Sketch or pop-art or flash animation or a video where it looks like it was drawn or something so that it doesn't look like its 100% filmed..

from this something like

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There are a lot of software out there that can do what you're asking, but are you looking for free software or inexpensive software tools or high-end professional software?
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anything just want to see exactly how it would look like..
Corel Video Studio has a trial version available for download to see if it can do what you're looking for.  Here's the link:  


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I already have premiere cs6 and thats 100x better than that Corel Video Studio
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As you can see, the link you provided ia not a video clip, but a gif image. You can use GIMP (free) to edit this file.

When you open the file, you will see a static image as well as the animated man doing a backflip. You will have to modify the static image in each frame one by one (there are 50 frames (of LAYERS)) - quite a job!

What you can do is remove the background in all the layers, add a new static image in the FIRST layer, and save it as a new image.
Have you heard of Borix FX?  They have plugin's for Adobe Premiere and they have a variety of solutions that may help you in what you're trying to do.
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If you want to grasp an idea of what does it mean "fast, dirty" processing then here below you can see a result by using for instance Corel Ulead Photoimpact X3 which takes automatic apart the 50 frames, then save the static pictures in one folder. It has automatic save batch function.
Then you make a kind of macro inside photoimpact (Quick Command Panel).
You open all 50 pictures at once then you apply macro: cartoon effect, save, close.
You get 50 pictures in the same folder (overwrite first 50) but this time cartoonized.

You assemble back the 50 cartoonized images in a new gif - I used Ulead Gif animator.

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