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Internet Connection Does Not Work Outside of my Domain Network

I have recently joined my laptop to a new domain at my office. When I am in the domain network I am able to connect to the internet, browse, connect to Exchange etc.

When I take my laptop home, I am able to connect to my home network  (wireless) but I am not able to get a connection to the internet.

If anyone has experienced something similar, your suggestions are welcome.

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That happens if your company has installed a proxy server and you need the proxy server at work to get to the internet.

Go to IE, Tools, Internet options, Connections, LAN settings button and click on the button. Uncheck all three options in there.

If that does not work, your company may have installed proxy software that would be to be set for home use or uninstalled.

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Thanks for your reply. The Proxy setting are already turned off, we don't have a proxy server.
Also we don't have any software installs acting as a proxy etc.

Not sure what is going on....
Try connecting your machine to a wired connection at home. If wired works, remake your wireless profile (delete the wireless profile, restart and make a new wireless profile).

Look in your hosts file:  c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.   There should only be comments in there. Something may be redirecting you.

Check your domain connection. Are you using a cached profile at home (probably) and is there something different in your cached profile.

Consider doing an IE Reset. Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Reset button. This take IE back to out-of-the-box settings (and clears all forms on the way by).

Do a very thorough virus scan to be on the safe side.

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open command prompt
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
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Log on with your local user and retry to connect to internet.

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Ok, this was the obivous choice. I totally forgot to look at DNS setting in the NIC card. Thanks for the reminder.