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cannot connect via remote desktop over VPN

We have netopia 4522 router and have pptp vpn profiles setup for clients. it has always worked. we have watchgaurd firebox, windows server 2003 (dell power edge 2850) which acts as dc, dns and dhcp and exchange server. We have 2 branches connected via vpn on netopia router. we are upgrading our windows server 2003 and have introduced new hardware server (dell poweredge R720) with windows server 2008 R2 in our environment. it is not live yet. since we configured new server to be dhcp and dc, remote desktop connection stopped working via vpn.

i can connect via vpn from home to work's router via vpn, but cannot ping servers or client computers. i cannot use RDC to connect to client computers or servers at work.
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On the 2008 server did you set rdp to connect to any version of windows
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If you cannot even ping the servers then there is some issue with VPN.

Can someone else ping those servers?
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