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What is a good Remote Desktop software for linux desktops?

Has anyone experienced with Remote Desktop servers for Linux Desktops such as LinuxMint, CentOS, Debian, or SolusOS?

So far the only good option I know of is FreeNX, however it is becoming more and more difficult to make it work out of the box. The repos go offline, the distribution won't use Gnome (like Mint), Nomachine download has a 2 sessions limit, and so many other things.

VNC is not a real option due to its low responsiveness and the fact that it is hard to configure for individual user sessions on the same machine.

I can't believe the Linux community lacks a powerful enough tool. Can someone point me out in the right direction?

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Why don't you give TeamViewer shot
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What is it you are trying to do?
Using ssh with X11 tunnel to send graphical interfaces back to the X-Windows environment /system from which you connect,  this way the resources on the Linux/unix system will not be wasted by continuous graphical run and ssh is a more secure mechanism.
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I agree with symbiont_it on this one.  Teamviewer.
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@symbiont_it & @Kdo
Teamviewer requires a connection to Teamviewer's servers. It runs awesomely on linux I must admit. But I do need a LAN only solution due to network restrictions, needs to be multiuser also and run as a service.

Where can I get a complete howto on X11 tunneling please? I like guides like this one that I compiled myself if you happen to have one handy:

I definitely need Windows clients to connect to Linux desktops... Its not really my decision, more of a limitation of the network I am working in.

XRDP works, but I have found it quite poor feature-wise. No copy/paste, resolution inflexible... and so forth

LTSP turned out to be a project for terminal units, I'm I right? You can't use their packages to generate Remote Desktop sessions as far as I know.

Lastly, can you please provide a guide you know for sure works on a specific distro to make VNC work in multisession mode? That would be awesome.

I guess the requirements are as follows (no particular order):
- Copy/Paste functionality
- Multiuser
- Performance (4 users or more opening graphical sessions without bringing the desktop to its knees)
- Start as a service
- Windows to Linux and Linux to Linux
- Security is not a concern

I'm interested in X11 tunneling and multiuser VNC, could you please elaborate on them, I can give it a try.

Also if someone can tell me how would I install FreeNX on CentOS fully functional with up to date instructions (centos repos seem offline):, that would be highly appreciated.

I tried x2go which supposedly runs on nx libraries, but the client is awful and very unstable, it takes 2 different windows to run properly. Not sure if the pyhoca thingy is another client option.

Thank you all for the responses, looking forward to hearing from you
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ssh -x <server-ip> <command>
don't let you mislead by the previous comment
"ssh -x" disables ssh forwarding
you need a capital X to enable it

this has been discussed quite a lot before. please read before you post
Still can't find something as robust as FreeNX. Splashtop came out for linux but it requires a remote connection to their servers.

Thanks all though.
thanks to you. this is an interesting thread

feel free to post about your solution(s), as you probably now are more experienced than we are

i'm very interested in a solution that provides better ore equivalent functionalities as cygwin-X + ssh forwarding without the hassle to deploy some custom software in order to have a working push-button solution for the clients. last time i looked, there were thin clients, but none of them would work good enough for everyday use, and they also obviously lack the multiwindow mode

best regards