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How do I say, if node exists then remove it.

I want to replace one error message with another. The err variable always has only one error message in it. But as I submit the form multiple times to validate fields that were later deleted, the error messages are stacking up.

So I want to delete the text node (txt variable) and then recreate a new one and append it to errNode; However I think I need an if statement that checks whether the text node (txt variable) even exist first. How do I do that? Thanks.

I tried this and some other combinations, but it did not work for me.
if (errNode.txt.length > 0) {

// right here put:
// if var txt already exists and is appended to errNode,
// then remove and delete before recreating below.

var err = 'this is a big one';
var errNode = document.getElementById('padding');
var txt = document.createTextNode(err);

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