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VB.NET Advantech PCI-1761 Write I/O

I have a problem that I belived I hade the solution on but right now I don´t know....

I have a I/O-card that I use in my application. I test the "demo" I get from the manufactory. The I/O card has 0-7 outputs...

 Private Sub PictureBox_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
        Dim err As ErrorCode = ErrorCode.Success
        Dim box As PictureBox = DirectCast(sender, PictureBox)
        Dim boxInfo As DoBitInformation = CType(box.Tag, DoBitInformation)

        boxInfo.BitValue = (Not CInt((boxInfo).BitValue)) And &H1
        box.Tag = boxInfo
        box.Image = imageList1.Images(boxInfo.BitValue)

        ' refresh hex
        Dim state As Integer = Int32.Parse(m_portHex(boxInfo.PortNum - ConstVal.StartPort).Text, NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier)
        state = state And Not (&H1 << boxInfo.BitNum)
        state = state Or boxInfo.BitValue << boxInfo.BitNum

        m_portHex(boxInfo.PortNum - ConstVal.StartPort).Text = state.ToString("X2")
        err = InstantDoCtrl1.Write(boxInfo.PortNum, CByte(state))
        If err <> ErrorCode.Success Then
        End If
    End Sub

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that code works but When I try to clean the code up I can´t it to work as I want in my real application.

This is whats happens..

When I run the demo mode in debug mode I can se that when I hit the first ouput the "    err = InstantDoCtrl1.Write(boxInfo.PortNum, CByte(state))"  (state = 1 )
And then I hit the last output
the state = err = InstantDoCtrl1.Write(boxInfo.PortNum, CByte(state))"  (state = 128 )

it goes like this from 0 - 7 output   1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,128

If I hit the  2 output and the 4 output then I get
the state = err = InstantDoCtrl1.Write(boxInfo.PortNum, CByte(state))"  (state = 18 )

User generated image
So it works in the demo but I don´t how I shoud get it to work in my own application
or I mean it works in my application to
InstantDoCtrl1.Write(0, CByte(1))
But I´m not sure how I write to the diffrent I/O´s alone...
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-Thank you... well test this..