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Outlook client folders seem to randomly disappear and come back again

We use outlook client to connect to MS Exchange Live. One particular client also have an additional mailbox open. For this additional mailbox some of its folders don't show up and some don't synchronize properly. Our email is cached on the user's PC.
The user took this account away from the profile and added it again. Then some folders showed up while others disappeared. Outlook though indicates that it is fully updated.
Right-clicking a folder, where the subfolders are gone, and then choose 'Propertie's and 'Folder size' the following info is given: 'Local data' shows the folders that are synchronized, 'Server data' shows all folders but they still don't synchronize.

What could the problem be?
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what version of ios is on the iphone ios 6 there is an update ios 6.0.1 that fixes some bugs with ios 6
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iPhone or PC? You mention Outlook client but this is posted in iPhone Topic. Where is the issue?
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Sorry, but I didn't notice I was posting the question as if it was an iPhone problem. It should be regular PC.
I will tell the user to create a new profile. I just thought there would be an easier trick.
I'll accept that for now and will ask again if this does not remedy the problem.

Thank you guys for commenting.