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Question - CrossDomain XML Config - IIS 7.0

Hi to ALL,

We have had a security audit. Topic showed below has been raised. I would like to know where is this file located to delete that entry. (unregistered somain)

Thanks in advance,

•      The Website cross domain policy file contains a unregistered domain.
A cross-domain policy file is an XML document that grants a web client—such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.—permission to handle data across multiple domains.
A malicious user could claim the unregistered domain exposing the website to cross domain privilege escalation by introducing  a malicious SWF File.
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Thanks for the link. I can understand it now but I can not find this file to change it. May be is due to is a sharepoint server??

Thanks again,
Could be the case... I'm not really sure. Do you have Flash on your pages?