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OWA not showing all mails

Exchange 2010
Windows 7 clients
Outlook 2010

We have a strange problem with (as far as reported) one user.
When she checks her mail in Outlook she can see that she have 6 mail from a specific day. But when she checks via OWA, she can only see 4 mails.

If it had been the other way around and it was Outlook that was missing mails, I would suspect Cached Mode to be the problem, but here it is OWA that is missing the mails.

Any ideas what's wrong here?
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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What does she sees in Outlook if she hits Folder or Inbox properties and hits Folder size and then the Server side details

- Rancy
Have you made sure that OWA is not running with Arrange BY: Conversation  ticked?
I would still suspect cached exchange mode

Possible the mail items are arriving in the users Inbox and being moved
However, cached mode on the client is still showing them in the Inbox

For example
If 6 mail items arrived today in outlook
Say 2 of them were replied to, or moved to a personal folder

However, the OST has cached them and not synced correctly and they still appear in the inbox.

When checking OWA, the user could possibly only see the 4 emails that are on the exchange server

Try turning off cached exchange mode on the Client PC and Test
If this works, we may look at recreating the OST

If it still happen with CEM off

Wonder if there are any mobile deivces sycning to the users mailbox such as i Phone?
If there is, try temp disabling the sync and try again
So many times I' have seen this where it is because of conversation mode in OWA.
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Kasper Katzmann
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