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MX records and Exchange

Hi I have a customer that uses email in a non standard way.

They have a number of mailboxes on Heartinternet hosting and a Number of Mailboxes on their exchange server. The Exchange server downloads from heartinternet using its pop3 connector which is pretty terrible and I wish it could all be set up via mx and smtp.

If I have two MX records (exchange server) (heart internet)

Could email be set up using SMTP , i.e Email goes to MX1 sees there is no mailbox and then seeks one on MX2 ? Would this work?


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Cliff Galiher
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In most cases, no. The server that has the lower mx record will always be the target. And the mail recipient will send a mailbox not found error code so the sender will not move on to the next mx record.

Multiple mx records work when one server is not responding. But of the server does respond and the response is mailbox not found, nothing can help that.

There are some configurations you can do to have the servers relay mail. But it requires wetting up both servers properly. And you very likely won't get your hosting company to make those changes; it is messy.

The right solution is to pull the mailboxes into exchange and stop using a split configuration.
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