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What is process "Smith" running on my Android 2.35 phone ( HTC Wildfire S)

Found this on my HTC Wildfire S running Android 2.35 and Sense 2.1

version 4.0.gingerbread.GRj90-marvel"

internet search hints it is a game.
Is it taking up memory? How can I remove it?

I'm low on memory so Google+ won't run properly so have removed it.
I'd like to replace HTC's Android + Sense with cyanogenmod but can't risk losing use of phone at this time if I mess it up.

How can I recover memory?
All apps that can be moved to SD card are there. Do they still take memory when not used?
Can I remove Sense and apps I don't use but which I am currently unable to delete? Facebook is on there somewhere and I don't need it on my phone.
Seems that as standard Google apps like Maps and Translate are updated my available memory goes down. But they are both moved to SD card. I can do without Maps on my phone if it will help but cannot actually remove it. Need to keep Translate.
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It looks like a throttle control to keep bandwidth open for everyone not to slow you down just when not in use it shuts your 3g off when your phone is asleep . To keep data from gettin overloaded with everyone hammering a tower.

Some people removing and still working without it.
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Thanks Energyz
Is it official Android/HTC?
Is it harmless, even useful?
Smith.apk is the updated version of htcloggers.apk.

I'm guessing it may never have been HTC's program, new signatures are not HTC's on the APK. Besides the signature change it looks like the main change was it is not using TCP ports anymore but Unix domain sockets. Everything else is essentially the same app with just a new name.

For now it looks semi harmless outside of wasting some cycles - it just looks like its capable of uploading full system logs if a user checks the box in the menu accessible only by key combo and fills in an FTP address.
Energyz, thanks for that.

Did HTC put it there? If not, where has 'Smith'  come from?

What or who would want to upload system logs? Is it intended to assist a support request or to spy on my phone?

How do I access any UI? Such as the key combo to access the menu you mention.
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The core question about Smith has been answered. The rest of the question was just me getting carried away.