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using WHERE clause against a column of datatype FLOAT in sql server import wizard

i'm  using SQl Server Import wizard.
The data source is an xlsm file and i am using the Microsoft Office 10.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider to connecet to this file from within the wizard.
This connects fine, the test connection succeeded.

I then use the option "Write a query to specify the data to transfer".

Using the following query , I get back the data i want beginning at the row I want (row 5 has the column names)
SELECT * FROM `tabname$A5:AJ`

I now want to limit the result set to return rows only where column Number contents are not null

The Number column is of data type float.

SELECT * FROM `tabname$A5:AJ`
WHERE 'Number' is not null

This statement parses ok and the Preview Data window returns a dataset but it does not filter out any rows.

I then changed the query to
SELECT * FROM `tabname$A5:AJ`
WHERE 'Number' = 1

as i know there is a value 1 in the column.
This parses ok
but i get an error returned when i try to preview , data type mismatch

 i then tried  to convert the column  Number to datatype integer but  it fails parsing

SELECT * FROM `Properties$A5:AJ`
WHERE CAST ( 'Number' as INT) = 1

any help appreciated, thanks
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How did I miss that????
Thanks a million...that worked perfectly!!!
You have no idea how much time i studied this!! :-)
Thanks again
You're welcome!

Just a note about comparing floats... in general, because of the inaccuaracy that is a given with that data type, you should compare based on a 'tolerance' versus a strict equality:

WHERE YourFloatField BETWEEN .9999 AND 1.0001

(or similar)
Great,,,thanks for the note