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Account lockout checkbox Greyed out in Windows 2003 Domain Controller

I've Windows 2003 DC & wish to lock few accounts. When I user account properties in Active Directory users snap-in  ,check box for Account lockout is greyed out.

How to enable it?

I'm logged as Domain & Enterprise Admin privileges.

Thanks you!
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You are trying to "lock out" accounts intentionally?

That box is meant to unlock accounts who have mis typed passwords. If you wish to cut off access to an account, Disable it by right clicking on the account and selecting Disable Account.
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That's the lockout. You can't set this manually, you could only "enable" it by logging on so often with the account with an incorrect password that the account will be locked out. The account will then be locked until the lockout expires as set in the password policies.
If you want to prevent these accounts from logging on, you need to disable them (right-click the account in ADUC).
You can also try to look the option of "Account Expires" if you do not want to "Disable" them
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I wan to know if Account lockout check box can he highlighted/enabled in user account properties.
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