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Reply all used a Resent-From for a distribution group instead of the person replying

On the surface this may not seem like an issue, but it was a huge problem.  We have exchange 2010 and have several distribution groups set up to email our board members.  We sent out an email to one of the board distribution groups and copied a few other staff members.  One of the board members did a Reply All.  Unfortunately one of the email addresses was no longer valid.  

Normally the person doing the reply to would be the only one to get the bounce back.  But when the Reply All was created, is added the distribution group in the Resent-From and the From was the person doing the reply all.  That meant that all of the board members got the bounce back.  I'm told that because the Resent-From listed the distribution group it also started to loop and was sending the bounce back to every board member every minute.    The company that no longer used the old email address was able to restart their forwarding so the bounce backs coming out every minute stopped, but this is the 2nd time it has happened. We need to figure out what is causing this and how to prevent this.  We have changed the old email address - but I'm being told that this could still occur on certain Reply All emails, even with correct email addresses.

I know the Reply All was done from an Iphone but I don't know what email service she has.  If that is needed, I can get that info.

The other company did a trace and they believe our spam softwareis resending the email over and over.  We do external spam filtering and our vendor says the spam software cannot resend emails - it can only pass them through their software.
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Few things ... does anyone has SendAs on DL ? If not how can the NDR be to the DL ... will only be to the email thats sending an email

We have DL's with restrictions where only some people can send to DL as need be not open to everyone when BIG / IMP or VIP DL's

- Rancy
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No there is no SendAS on the DL.  The person who did the reply all isn't even one of our staff members.  She's only in our AD as a contact so I can include her in the DL.  I see that in Exchange I have an option of sending delivery reports to originator (or not).   I suppose if I had that unchecked no one would have gotten the bounce backs - but then we also wouldn't get legimate ones.
Ideally this shouldnt have happened as its not a normal way of Exchange working ... do you have any 3rd parties softwares working as well ?

- Rancy
The only 3rd party package that is any way associated with email is our external spam filtering.  The person that traced this said it kept pointing to mxlogic - which is our external spam filtering.  That is the vendor that insists it can't re-forward email.  

This makes absolutely no sense!
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This was the only solution that worked.  This was one of the rare times when nothing else helped.