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Converting digital images into vectors?

Is it possible/feasible to convert pictures into vectors for documents?  We've had a request/suggestion regarding vectors and that they could be used as a company standard because we've had problems with people copying/pasting images from the internet that appear blurry/pixelly.  My understanding of vector images is that they are used to create images that can be resized without the issues that occur with pixeled images, usually for stuff like logos or 3D graphics, etc.  I don't think that there is a way to take images from digital cameras and off the internet and convert them over into vectors in a way that we could have all our consultants do this in their research/documenting tasks.  

Could anyone with experience in this area please give some feedback on the matter?
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Thanks for the input!!  

I don't feel that vectors are the solution either.    I think some of  our problems also come from allowing Microsoft Office to crop and resize images.  I like to make sure my base image is sound and use a program like Photoshop to make any size/cropping alterations.  I don't think that MS can really match Adobe when it comes to editing images within a document program like Word or even Excel.  We have many issues with Word documents being too large as well so I really think some instruction in PS or another photo-editing program would be better than relying on Word to do it all.

Stock images are an option but our work involves human factors and military contracts so I'm not sure if that kind of material is readily available from Stock sites but its definitely something to look into.