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How to add a second AD site in the environment which has already included Exchange 2003 servers

I need add to a second AD site in our environment which has already included Exchange 2003 servers. We have the default-first-site-name and we are planing to a 2nd site and move 2 of 5 controllers to new site; also move the subnet that below to that site.
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Leon Fester
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Just add the site and the subnet, nothing fancy to do for exchange, unless you're going to install a 2nd exchange server, but you don't really have a question here...

What is it that you're concerned about?
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Rich Weissler

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I concur - A new site doesn't imply ANYTHING for the Exchange config, until and unless you want to install an Exchange server in that site, and then, depending on what version of Exchange it is, and whether it's a disaster recovery site that you want to fail to, or just another location with clients will help you decide what needs to be done.

Ultimately, if the users who log in from that new site need to get their mail, it will work fine as long as they have access to the old servers in the original site.

The one thing I'd make sure of is that you always maintain a domain controller with global catalog services turned on, in the site with the Exchange servers.  Preferrably two, for redundancy.   Exchange will eventually fail over and use a DC in the other site, BUT that would not be best practice..