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Need help creating web forms and specific fields

I am trying to create a web form for a client on a financial website. The form will be for clients to apply for a personal loan.

I am not very good at creating web forms and usually use a web service or form building software to make my forms.

This client wants certain fields done in a specific way. For example,

He wants the SSN field to automatically put the dashes in as the user types their Social Security Number. I do not have an option to do this in any of the software or web services.

This is a Joomla website and I know that there are Form building components that can be used with Joomla but I have not found one that will allow me to create a field in this way.

Another example would be that when a client fills in their telephone number, the parenthesis and dashes are placed between the numbers automatically.

I am open to all options just remember that I am using a CMS.

Any help with this matter will be extremely appreciated.

Thank You!
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This isn't an answer, I know, but it might help you find one. What you're looking for is "masked input."
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Fabrik having this feature.

Fabrik is very powerful and flexible.
Always make a full backup of your database first.
The component it's free but if you pay the subscription you will have access to more stuff.
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I actually have FABRIK and have used it to make forms before. However, I could not find where to do this that I am trying to do in Fabrik.... could you possibly point me to where in the component this would be possible?
You can do this with jQuery:

Post the code for the page containing the form and I will take a look at it.

Here is a working example I created. View the source:
Wow, that is awesome rbudj...... I am still waiting on the client to send me the fields he wants in the full application... once I get that and begin to create the form I will get back with you... WOuld you happen to know how to get this to work in Fabrik for Joomla?
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Thank you very much.. as soon as I have the form created I will get back to you.
You are welcome and please do get back with me if needed.