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how to assign a php variable to html input text box

document.getElementById("resp_first_name").value = <?=$firstNm ?>; <--- "Amy"
                document.getElementById("resp_last_name").value = <?php echo $lastNm ?>;

error:  Amy is not defined
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Ray Paseur
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We might need to see a little more.  But first let's try this:


If that shows an undefined variable, then you want to look back into the code to see where $firstNm would be created.  And please note that PHP variables are case-sensitive
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Your value should have quotes around it and I wouldn't advise using shorttags. It'll break your site if your hosting provider ever turns them off.

document.getElementById("resp_first_name").value = "<?php echo $firstNm ?>";

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@Chris: It is subtle, but see the note here:

The short open tag is like this: <? $x = 3; ?>
The short echo tag is like this: <?=$x; ?>

Starting with PHP 5.4, short echo tag <?= is always recognized and valid, regardless of the short_open_tag setting (which should always be off).
Thanks Ray,

I always used to use <?= as a shortcut to echo, and I updated my version of PHP and it broke, as the echo shortcut was directly tied to short_open_tags. Now in PHP 5.4 they've changed it so that short_open_tags is separate to the short echo tag.

I learned my lesson and it didn't take me long to get into the habit of full open tags and echo - particularly with Aptana shortcuts, and code completion - php TAB e TAB :)

<?php echo... will always work
<?= ... may or may not work depending on version and config

Better safe than sorry. Now I always use the long version :)
Yep, I'm with you there. It simplifies using XML, too.
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