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How can I remove Voice-Ports on a Cisco Router / Gateway?

We have [8] ports available in our router to add PRI or CAS voice too.  These are VWIC3-4MFT-4 four port WIC cards.  I added configuration for [5] of the [8] available ports but after all was said and done we only required [4].  

So when I want to remove the extra port you’d expect that you can simply use the “no” in front of the configuration:

For example, to create the controller, the serial port and voice port I put in the following:

controller T1 0/1/0
 description Fifth T1
 clock source internal
 framing esf
 linecode b8zs
 pri-group timeslots 1-24
interface Serial 0/1/0:23
 isdn incoming-voice voice
 isdn protocol-emulate network
voice-port 0/1/0:23

This created the ports required for voice utilization.

If you want to remove this port and you do the following:

no voice-port 0/1/0:23

You will get a message stating that “voice ports cannot be removed this way”.

The same with the serial port.

So how can I remove a voice port that is not needed other than just shutting down each individual part of it using the shutdown command?
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