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Select with results from stored procedure as additional column

Don't know if this is possible

I have a current select which returns 2 columns Specialty and StateList

I want to add the results of a stored procedure as a column for each row.

In essence...execute the stored proc on each row based on the the columns as paramaters

the stored procedure returns one row of data and one column only
In my example below I want the RESULTS of the stored procedured that's executed.

So with this logic
Specialty      StateList         resultsSPColumn
BMET            AL,FL               exec myproc @spec=Specialty, @sl=StateList
CCU              GA,WY             exec myproc @spec=Specialty, @sl=StateList

I would get this
Specialty      StateList         resultsSPColumn
BMET            AL,FL               220
CCU              GA,WY             10250
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If your stored procedure always returns one value for a given specialty and statelist, why not turn it into a function instead, then -
select specialty, statelist, myfunc(specialty, statelist) as resultscolumn from yourtable
You can store the result of stored procedure temporarily in a table variable and select from that but it's better to create a table function instead of stored procedure if you want to use it in your select statement.
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Got an example of that?
Something similar to the following:
create function myfunc(@spec varchar, @list varchar)
returns int
 declare @results int
 set @results = myproc(@spec,@list)
 return @results
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Isn't that kind of what I suggested? :-(

Didn't look closely at all answers when I posted points.

My bad
no harm, no foul :-)
@awking00 your suggestion will not work.

you wrote:  
set @results = myproc(@spec,@list)
which is not correct. myproc is a stored procedure and you need to execute it as the following:
EXEC @result = dbo.myproc @spec, @sl
I also said "something similar to" since I am not totally familiar with T-SQL syntax.
So where you have -
        DECLARE @Result INT
        ...  ==> This would be replaced by this EXEC @result = dbo.myproc @spec, @sl
        RETURN @Result

You have to admit I was kind of close :-)