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Can't select item from combo box


I have a simple form with a combox on it.  I can select an initial item from the combo box and I have no problems.  However, when I am not able to change the selection.  However if I enter the combobox and start typing the selection, auto complete kicks in and I am able to change the selection.  I've verified the following form properties.  I've never encountered this problem before.

Allow Additions = Yes
Allow Deletions = Yes
Allow Edits = Yes
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Is the combo box bound or unbound?  Is there any code running from its AfterUpdate event?
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It is a bound control and there is no code running in its afterupdated event.  The form in question is a subform
I was able to make add and modify records directly in the underlying table so I don't think it is a relationship issue
"I am not able to change the selection"
Meaning if you click the dropdown, nothing happens...?
...or, can you get he dropdown, but cannot select a value?
In other words, describe in detail what does, or does not happen when you attempt to change the combobox value...

And just for fun, ...What happens if you simply recreate the combo box?

When I attempt to change the selection in the combo box using the mouse to select the item, The item that I want to select is not selected .  I've already tried creating a new combo box and I have the same problem.  If I start typing the entry into the combobox, the item is selected properly.
How are you attempting to change the selection?  By clicking on a new item, or by using the arrow keys?
By selecting from the combo box by using the mouse to select the item and then clicking on the selection
Can you post a sample of this database that exhibits this issue?
I've done some more research.  This database is a access 2007 database that is split into a front and back end.  The table underlying the subform is a linked Access table.  The field in question, in the table is a lookup using hardcoded values.  When I go to the back end the problem I described does not occur.  The problem occurs with the linked table on the front end is a lookup table using a value list row source type.  In addition, the problem persists even when I import the table into the front end.
Still would prefer a sample db....

Does the problem go away when you use a more standard combobox, based on a table.
I think I found the problem.  Let me check it out and I will get back to everyone tomorrow
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After a lot of work I was able to determine that the problem was introduced when I split the database