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IIS 6 - Permission Issues

Alright, I have an odd one here.  A customer of mine is having an issue with an internal website that uses IIS 6.  This is a managment site for on-site PBX.  Site is built during the PBX install*.  

Anyway, at a specific page, the site has access to some .wav files on the IIS server itself.   When we browse to this page, we get an error:
Cannot get "<filname.wav" from server: The login request was denied.

A quick glance at the system event viewer shows coinciding events of:

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      MSFTPSVC
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      100
Date:            11/14/2012
Time:            11:40:47 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      SHORELINE
The server was unable to logon the Windows NT account 'SHORELINE\IUSR_SHORELINE' due to the following error: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.  The data is the error code.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 2e 05 00 00               ....    

I'm tryign to figure out where the IUSR account password is specified for this - checked the Directory security and AppPoolIdentities, and they seem correct.  I also explicitly gave the IUSR account full control of the folder containing the wav files.  

Any suggestions?

*And i can backup the system and uninstall the PBX, uninstall IIS and then re-install and import, but that's a pain.
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Meh, maybe I rebuild tonight...
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