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Windows 8 Pro Cannot Delete Windows.old?

Just Installed Windows 8 Pro on a Lenovo Yoga 13 having factory-installed Windows 8 (home). Very interesting install, no options to create or delete partitions. So I chose to 'not keep personal settings' and proceeded installing a clean install of Windows 8 Pro. Now I have the Windows.old robbing my 128GB SSD of precious space, appox 32GB. So I tried to delete the windows.old directory, keep getting a warning that I cannot do so. I cannot remember the warning right now. Something to do with the installer I think.

Q. How do I delete the Windows.old directory?
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If that does not help, you have several options:

-Take ownership of the folders and afterwards adjust permissions and delete
-Run cmd.exe elevated (rightclick ->"run as administrator") and use rd <foldername> /s /q
-run setup again (start from the DVD) - this offline start will give you the option to format
You need to take ownership of that file and delete it.
Or boot the machine from this CD select there File Transfer Wizard - find your folder and delete it.
Same can be done from Parted Magic CD:
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You have the most simple and effective solution. Thx