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Excel 2010 automatically opens a specific file each time it's started

When I open Excel 2010, it automatically opens the same file of mine each time instead of a new blank file.

I've check the XLSTART folder(s) and the Options / Advanced / General / "At start-up, open all files in:" and there is nothing in any of them.

What do I need to change to open a blank workbook instead?

The file it happens to open is a file that happens to be on a network drive.  If I move it, when I start Excel I get a "file cannot be found" error.  I click okay and then a blank workbook starts up.  This is a shared file so I can't move or rename it; besides I'd still get the error.
I am running Office 2010 in Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine (if any of that matters).
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Are you sure your shortcut to start Excel isn't opening a specific file?

Hit Start and in the box above the start button type excel and hit enter.
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good thought.  I am using a shortcut pinned to my bar at the bottom of the screen.
But even if I go Start/Microsoft Office/Excel it still opens the file.
In the run box type:

excel.exe /automation
what will that do?
Disables automatically opened files and auto-run macros.
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ok, "excel.exe /automation" works, but only typing it in the run box.
How can I get it to work when I use "proper" start technique of clicking the icon?

By the way, this problem also happens if I open Excel by opening an existing file from My Documents too, not just starting Excel by itself.
Somehow the file was added as an Add In!!!!!

I went to Options/Add Ins and saw it on the list of Active Application Add Ins.
I then clicked the Go next to "Manage Excel Add Ins" and deselected the file!

I have no idea how this could even happened!
Thanks for the help.
Check and see if you have any add-ons enabled.