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Mac to windows VPN

Hi All,

I have a MAC running OSX 10.8.2.  I also have a Windows 2008 Server with a VPN connection set up.  On any windows machine, I can connect to the windows server over VPN connection, however, on the MAC, I can make the connection fine but, I cannot ping the server, or browes any files on the network.  I have scoured the internet for a solution and all I can find are people with the same problem.  

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance
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Have you seen this article? I believe you also will need to tell the Mac that it's a PPTP VPN.
Also- It always amazes me how nearly everything is on YouTube... I love how he says PPTP
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Thanks tpitch.  The connection is already made and working.  I have no problem connecting the VPN.  The mystery is why, even though I have a connection, can't I browes to any shared folders on the server, or ping the server.  

Strung - they are on the same subnet.  I will change the subnet at my satellite location today and test it.  

Thanks for the help.
Thanks so much, it works perfectly now.  You were absolutely correct.