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dsl or cable

I work at a business that has a 5 MB internet connection.  We have about 25 users so it works fine because we don't download much.  I was wondering if I called up a Qwest (Century Link) or another vendor maybe the cable company, would they be able to bring in 1 line (maybe a DSL) for a certain price?  What I want to do is this.  I have carbonite on 1 server that is backing up everyone's files.  I want to use the DSL to exclusivley backup this server up to the carbonite server so it won't suck the life out of my existing internet line.  Is this something that can be done at a business?  Any idea how much it would cost if I was looking at between 5-10MB?
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That is why most of us backup in the wee hours.  Non production time.
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Sorry for not making myself clear.  I do backup after hours but I would like to have this happen in real time.  I set the carbonite preferences to backup between 6pm and 6am.  If I get the other line I could do real time backup of the server.  Whenever someone backups up something new it will send it to the carbonite server.  I also have many users who are here after hours so it's hard to find a good time.  How much do you estimate a cable internet line would be for someone at a home?  Would it be close to $100/month for 5mb?
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Yes this is quite possible to do.  Vendor pricing changes depending on location so I am afraid that the research on best vendor and price is left up to you for homework.  In my area Verison FIOS Buisiness is king secondly followed by Comcast Business.  What I have been doing recently for my clients in my area is utilizing 2 connections for fail-over.  To make this happen you will need a hardware firewall or router that has this feature.  I would recommend a Sonicwall that has fail-over to get this done.  This should run in the 2K price range.  You can do the same thing with a Cisco solution but it will cost between $5k-$10k.

Lastly you can go the less expensive route not use any additional hardware at all.  Simply have the 2nd vendor install a new router and place the internal gateway of the new provider on the same subnet as the original provider.  With this setup all you would need to do is point the gateway of anything that you want dedicated to the new providers circuit to the IP of the new providers router.


If your original provider router has a IP of 192.168.X.1 set the new providers routers IP to an address of 192.168.X.2.  Any system that you would like to transmit data over the original provider you can leave gateway as is.  Any system that you want to transmit data over the new circuit you can change the gateway to 192.168.X.2

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I don't think you should think of it that simply and you also need to use proper terminology - I don't know if you mean 5 MB or 5 Mb - the difference is that 5MB is 8x faster than 5Mb and will also likely be more expensive.

Also, if you're willing to get a second internet connection, why wouldn't you want to configure it so that if one was unavailable, the other would work?  This is a standard way of doing things for businesses who find internet to be important.  You just need a dual/multi-WAN router.

As for what you get, I recommend you get a technology you are NOT using from a provider you are NOT using currently.  Example - if you have FiOS for your connection now, get Cable - two different technologies from two different providers.  DSL is an option IF Cable and FiOS are not available.  DSL is (by comparison to Cable and FiOS) slow and expensive, at least in most areas. It may also not be available in some areas as there are distance limits from the CO (specific phone company offices).
You need to shop around in your area. Comcast is a local cable company and their prices range from $60-$370.

Carbonite does a pretty good job with it's bacup and only seeds small bits. I'd almost be willing to bet that you can use just one Internet connection and you'll never notice it. I backed up 300+ GB initially using Carbonite and I never noticed the traffic through normal useage.
I have a 5Mb internet.  Sorry about the confusion.  Here is something I have not stated. I have carbonite paused.  It shows there is about 18GB.  I had this running all weekend long and when I came in on monday morning it still had 13GB left.  This is one reason why I want to put this on it's own line.
Ah, well in that case it has been my experience it doesn't matter. My initial Carbonite backup took weeks to complete. You need to setup some monitoring system to check your Internet throughput, I bet you're not even using anywhere near 100% of it. Just let it run and save your money. I'm happy with my Carbonite service after the initial backup.

You're not the only one to complain about a slow initial backup.

Upload speeds are typically far slower than download.

You couldn't put Carbonite on it's own line without a high end router or altering the routing tables on the system(s) running it as you cannot define a different gateway for a program - you can define different gateways for entire computers (ALL traffic) or for specific IPs/networks (adjusting routing tables) assuming you know the destination system's IP addresses.  

Again, multiple links shared for EVERYTHING should help this.  But if you have a 5 Mbit DOWNLOAD link, you could have anywhere from a 128Kb to 5120Mbit upload speed.  If you have a 5Mbit upload it will likely take 2.5 hours MINIMUM.  If my math is correct, it will take more than 3.5 days to backup 5 GB at 128Kb, if that's what you've got.  And that's just for your 5 GB - for 18 GB, you're taking 3.6x longer for both speeds (9 hrs or so at 5Mbit; 12.5 days or so with a 128K upload).
And I would suggest if getting this data quickly is important to you - TEST YOUR RESTORES!  I've heard some negative things about Carbonite - yes, your data is backed up, but if could take you WEEKS to download it all back if your system failed and you needed to recover.  Test, the reports I've heard could be wrong, but best that you understand what to expect before it's an emergency and you're really in trouble!