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Odd behaviour: How can I read/edit normally in Word 2013 a document created with Word 2010

I have a document that works fine in Word 2010 for other computers. Sections, table of contents, etc. 101 pages

When I open it with W2013...  it opens in "compatibility mode" and
- in mode "page" it just displays the first 19 pages and refuses to go further.
- I can read/ display in View mode,
- I can display/edit in Plan and draft mode, but not in page mode. (and so I cannot check that my edits are fine)

If I try to convert the doc to 2013... it does not convert my "not-visible pages". Seems I should switch back to W2010, since I have non normal access to this document, and probably to some others.

Microsoft says that "compatibility mode" is made to "protect" older versions of a document... that seems an overstatement!

Addition for completion: windows 7, 64 bits; Office 64 bits (not the best choice it seems!)
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Did it, thx