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Can access a NAS from hostname but not ip

We are trying to setup a server with a Buffalo NAS storage device, we have the device connected to our network at a "Storage1" and the IP of 10.10.X.X we have connected their support and haven't had ANY luck with them.

This is how far we have got  we can connect to shared folder via \\computername\folder name but not \\ip\folder name

When connecting to the ip address it says access denied on restricted folders, but via the computer name its perfectly fine any thought suggestions ideas??

Actual Product

Server 2008 R2 Std DC
- all updates done
- on the most current version of firmware

thanks for all your help!!
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I would check your forward and reverse lookup on your dns. Or you can create an entry in your hosts file for this one hostname and try again.
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The issue we are having is when we go \\ipaddress it provides us with the shares, but when we double click on one it prompts again for our username and password so we try domain\username and then it says access is denied..
How is this NAS configured ? And what file system is the NAS using ? Is it using ext3 or NTFS ?
It may not be asking for a windows passowrd but a password setup on the NAS.

- Raid 5 with 3 Drives and a hot spare
- XFS File System
What permissions did you set on the xfs shares ? Did you set a generic user on each share ?
What are the permissions on the share that you are having the issues with
User generated imageUser generated imagewhen logging in as the "test" domain user it will only work to get to the directory via the shared name as explained above :)
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User generated imageUser generated imageAttached are 2 photos after adding reverse dns entries as well and still no luck, any suggestions, as seen in the photos via the host name it works fine but via the ip address it asks to logon when I am already logged onto the network with my username that works with the \\hostname

First of all, it wouldn't be a DNS issue, as you are accessing the device via IP address.  It seems to be a Linux permissions issue within the NAS, as you are accessing the device via IP address from windows, and seeing the folders, but can't open the shared folder.  Have you set up groups and users on the NAS or did you have the NAS download these from Active Directory?

I'm not sure which Buffalo NAS you have, but this may be of assistance:
@profgeek we have the users fully downloaded from the active directory.
Have you tried adding a group manually and then seeing if those permissions work?  Note that I don't have a Buffalo NAS (I use Synology), so I'm just helping from a general perspective here.  Also, have you tried setting up a share for ftp to see if that works?  I'm just wondering if the loaded AD permissions are working on the samba side but not on the IP side.
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Found this:

I'm thinking this relates to something in the activedirectory binding. So the device is allowed to check active directory credentials if you hit it by hostname, but by IP your AD server doesn't respond right. That would explain everything.

Check the AD logs when you try to connect by hostname and IP and see if you notice anything along those lines