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Slow transfer speeds with VMware ESX Hosts attached to HP EVA 4100

We have an HP EVA 4100, 2 controller and 2 shelves filled with 300GB FC 10K drives.

Connected to a C7000 Blade chassis via 4GB FC Brocade 4/12.

We have 3 x BL460c G1 with Qlogic QMH2462 HBA (2 x quad core, 20GB ram, p410i (256mb cache)
and 4 x BL460c G7 with Qlogic HBA QMH 2462 (2 x six core, 128GB ram, p410i (no cache memory!?!)

Running ESX 4.1 Update 3

we are getting disk transfer speeds of 20-35mbs, it should be running a little faster.

I've updated all the firmware on the servers, chassis, brocades, the only thing left  is the SAN firmware sheduled to be done next few weeks.

what bugs me is the fact that those BL460c G7 don't have cache memory, but the VM's reside on the san, only the esx host resides on the local drives so no sure if not having cache memory impacts the VM's performance speed, wouldn't  the HBA be the one doing all the work?
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It does sound slow for two disk shelves, but how are you testing it? If you run a single VM plus IOmeter with multiple threads that checks the speed fairly well so long as nothing else is accessing the SAN at the time.

You're right that the RAID controller cache isn't going to affect the VM's performance.
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I have just installed a New BL460c G7 with esx 4.1 and to test the performance, i only put one VM running windows 2008 64 Bit, 4 cpu's and 48GB of ram ssigned to it, I created 2 virtual disks on the same lun and just trying to copy a DB of 1GB between the 2 Virtual disks and i'm getting 20mbps average transfer, i sould be getting a little more. a 4GB Database took 20 minutes to copy.

The san has 7 BL460c's connected to it and we have about 30 vm's scattered  between them.
Trouble is you don't know what workload the other hosts are throwing at the EVA. If you use EVAPerf on your CV EVA server you can get the total stats,
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