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coldfsuion get the data from the query

I an using coldfsuion cfscript . I have the query that return 20 records and i loop through that query to set the value conditionally and it does not wrok.

<cffunction name="SendTaskMessage" access="public" returntype="any" output="false">
var qry = query
                      for(var d = 1;d lte qry.recordcount;d++){
if (qry["repeatPeriod"][d] == 0){
                                          var locTask = 0;
                                          var locTask = 1;

</cffunction >
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does anybody knows why?
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the repeatPeriod is either 0 or 1
(Edit) You didn't answer the earlier question. The example above demonstrates it works as *I'd* expect, so the problem you're having isn't clear.

         "... you need to elaborate on "does not wrok"?  What is the code doing
         wrong OR not doing? "