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Help with Videos

Hey Experts,
we are trying to write a program (VC++) that takes the video stream from a Camera (connected through a Video card) and
1. Previews the Video on a monitor
2. Shows location markers (either when previewing or after post processing) (these markers would be something like subtitles (embedded into the video) indicating the location and are known when the actual recording happens)
3. Stores all this to a file ( we would like to have options to change the bit rate, resolution etc.)

Do any of the standard libraries help us with all these? Are there solutions that are available directly to be used?
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Thanks "foreverfresh" for the reply.
We kind of digged into some solutions when we were not getting any responses here. For our problem the SDK from viscomsoft looked good in terms of price and the features. We are still evaluating the SDK and will post back if we have any issues with it. Thanks.

1)      TVideoGrabber Video SDK-  URL -
Licensing cost:  $ 695
2)      VideoCap Pro SDK ActiveX 6.1- URL-
Licensing cost:  $ 170
3)      VideoLab- URL-
       Licensing cost:    No source:   $ 500 / With Source: $ 1600
4)      Vision Mixer SDK or Virtual Studio SDK- URL-
       Licensing cost:    Not available on site.