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Does the Linksys RV082 require a Static IP from the ISP


I am not very familiar with this device and I would like to know if it requires a static IP address from the ISP to work.

If it does not then can you give me an idea of how it is found on the internet.

Can anyone assist?
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So how do I find it on the web?
If it's on the Internet and you can browse the internet from behind the router, you can usually go to a site like while behind the router to get it's public IP address. Note that those are configured by default to prevent administrative access from users coming in from the Internet. If you are trying to get to it from inside your network, you would have to know the Internal IP address to do so. You can figure that out by running Ipconfig in cmd prompt and viewing the Default Gateway you have configured. That's the router's internal IP address.
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I am familiar with that aspect. I am looking at a user who is outside of the office. Will I have to utilize whatismyip or one of those sites?

Because it is a VPN router I anticipated it would have facilitated a simplified connection.
Well, if you don't have a static IP, you can get your currently assigned IP from and give that to them to connect to. In the long run, though, you could leverage something like's dynamic DNS solution. Basically it allows you to assign a Hostname to your network that can be changed at any time and updated with a utility that runs on a computer inside your network. That way you can just tell external users to VPN in to or something like that.
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Thank you.