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ASP.NET VB file self-deleted...? IIS 7, VS 2010

I was working on a website on my laptop, which is stored on my server, opened as a website in VS2010.  I was coding my VB and did a simple "Save" like I always do and got this error:

 error  : Unable to retrieve folder information from the server.  Cannot open data connection (425).

I did an RDP into my server and saw the error when I browsed the page that my region.vb file did not exist!  I looked in the inetpub directory, found the website and sure enough the entire VB file was GONE!  I re-created it by simply creating a new txt file on the server, and pasting in the VB code that was still on my laptop and renaming it to .vb.   (thankfully it was on my laptop)  

What in the world would have caused a VB file to self-delete upon a typical save?  That is pretty scary.  has anyone heard of this?
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