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Phantom setting in GPO for I.E Proxy

I have gone through the proxy settings in our AD GPO's but somewhere there is still a setting wanting to set I.E's Proxy on and with predefined values.

I created a GPO that disables the proxy and disables the registry entries with a higher weighting but effectively I would prefer to have this off and get rid of the phantom value.

A Windows search doesn't cut it for contents, is there any other way to search for say even just the old Proxy I.P address to delete the GPO - even if I have to recreate one specific GPO it's in.
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How many group policy objects do you have defined. If not too many you can use the
group policy management console to check each policy settings
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jhwh1teh: thanks - I'll try that
sfosupport: we have a high number of policies dependant on the OU a user and/or PC may sit in.
If you have a high number of GPO then it may be useful to write a powershell script. Here is a guide and video from technet
jhwh1teh: It looks like it's an issue in our Default Domain Policy of all things. I'm manually editing the XML file to remove the redundant settings.
ok sounds good.  Thanks for the update.