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MacBook Pro 15" glitchy display in Windows

Some of our staff have MacBooks with Boot Camp.
One MacBook Pro (15") which has been a right pain is having video glitches come up with normal use. It only happens on the Windows (7 x64) side and never on the mac side. They are little lines and dot glitches and not always noticeable.

My first thought of course was the video RAM, however if it's not happening on the Mac side then I'm not too sure.

Any ideas or has anyone else struck this?
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Are you running the latest BootCamp drivers on the Windows side?
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Yep - even installed the latest ATI drivers to see if it'd help.
Have also reinstalled Windows too.
Have you tried  changing the screen resolution, either up or down to see if that makes a difference?
I'll give it a shot. This has been an issue from day 1 however.
In Windows, you can check the temps in SIW's Sensor section or CPU-Z:
Sensors/temps fine.
Ran a full Mac Hardware test with no issues.
I see that there is also an Intel HD Graphics controller (CPU based) however isn't listed on Windows 7 side. Can't install the drivers for it as it's not set up to switch on demand on Windows 7 side.
So Apple made a laptop with an ATI video and then paid extra for the CPU with graphics?
What is the model of that puppy and what does SIW say the CPU is?
As attached - the top CPUID window also shows some of the artifacts as discussed.
Apparently, this is a common issue if the screen has been scaled to something other than the native LCD resolution.  Is this the case?
Is this a retina display?
Seems to be. MD318X/A model No.
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Thanks - looks like it was just a matter of finding the right keywords to search for