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Demote old windows2003 R2 the first DC after added windows2008 R2 DC

Dear All

We current have
windows2003 R2 DC GC (The first domain Controller)
windows2003 R2 DC  (Second DC)
windows2008 R2 DC GC
Windows2008 R2 DC (Second 2008 DC)
Exchange2003 (On Windows2003 R2)

(The organization is on  windows2003 Server domain & windows2003 forest level)

Wants to:
1. Keep running the Exchange2003  
2. Demote both windows2003 R2 Servers

1. Could demote all the windows2003 Servers while keep exchange2003 running?

2. Currently, 5 FSMO role is transfered to Win2008 R2 SvR & only DNS is running on the both windows2003 DC.
Whatelse do i need to take care ????

Experts please help..

I would like to demote
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It appears you've taken care of everything as you have 2 2008 DCs.  I'd ensure your DHCP clients and statically assigned servers point to the appropriate DNS server for its primary and secondary DNS server. I'd enable GC on the 2nd 2008 DC as well.  Have you relocated your DHCP scopes to the 2008 DCs?  That would be a good idea.  Also, check any GPO's for server specific settings.
After doing that, you might want to raise the FFL to 2008R2 which will give you access to Active Directory Recycle Bin which makes restoring AD objects and Exchange objects much much easier.

One last thing to ensure is you have some form of NTP configured to ensure the time on your servers stays current.  I just dealt with a kerberos problem for a client that resulted from bad time management!  Good luck.
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I don't see any issues here.  Add DNS to your 2008 Boxes as well as make them all GC servers.  Then demote your 2003 boxes.  Exchange should not be affected as long as it has access to a working GC server.