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Upgrading Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 to SP2

My organization is currently looking to upgrade from Exchange 2010 SP1 to SP2 and I had a few questions before I took the leap. We have a CAS / HT server as well as 3 additional MB servers. All are running Exchange 2010 SP1 on top of Windows 2008 R2 Virtual servers. I am aware of the schema update as well as the IIS 6 compatibilty needs, but wanted to make sure on a few other things.

#1, I ran the SP2 Upgrade on my local management client just to have a look at the upgrade syntax, and now my Exchange Management Console will not connect to the Exchange environment. It gives me the following error - "The term 'Get-LinkedRoleGroupForLogonUser' is not not recognized......" and refuses to fully open. Obviously, this is referencing servers that still have SP1 installed, so I am hoping that the error will go away once I upgrade the full enviroment. Is this something I can be confident in? I also went ahead and updated to SP2 rollup 4-v2 as I read that rollup 2 fixed the above error. Again, since I havent upgraded the main servers, I didnt expect it to work until doing so. Thoughts?

#2,  Iknow the schema needs to be updated, but I decided to let the GUI do that for me upon SP2 installation. I read that this would be fine provided that I am only upgrading a single domain in a single forest type enviroment. By upgrading the local exchange managment console on my local client to SP2, did I effectively update that schema already?

Thank you as always for your feedback,

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